tete-a-tete with Vashti Vega

This is the fourth interview in the 'tete-a-tete' section. This time I have Vashti Vega in the house! A huge round of applause please! Thankyou. Haha. :P Some of you might not believe I have put this up so soon. (right after Alana Munro). Well, I don't blame you. Sometimes, I can be lazier than a dog resting in a tree's shade. But I had a wee bit of time in the midst of all the hassle lately, so I thought I better put it to some good use.
Question: Lazy and busy? How?
Answer: Happens. It's a 'time' thing. ;)

Okay, here is what Vashti answered. She is both witty and humourous. A fact you guys will readily accept as you go through this interview.


Read the name again please. Okay. Thankyou. 
Felt the full force of the name? That's right. It's not just her name, there is gravity in her personality too. She is a dynamic person. I have nicknamed her 'the wall' and she is kind enough to not mind it. I chose 'the wall' because she is a great source of encouragement and support. One can always count on her. And oh! Let me not forget to mention that she is the author of the highly engaging book 'The Basement'. A word of caution: Buy it before it runs out of stock. Rest, I am not going to play the spoiler. No. 

Talking about the interview, read on.

One really weird trait in you?
I sleepwalk. :D

Tell me something about your first and last crush.
My first crush was my 7th grade teacher, Mr. Sulliveras. I used to carry a little camera in my uniform pocket. I snapped pictures of him every chance I got-at the gym or in the lunchroom. Sometimes I'd even knock on his classroom door and when he opened it, I'd snap pictures of him. It was crazy. I don't know why he put up with me, but he was always so patient and sweet about it. After a while he got so used to it, he just smiled and posed. I had a huge scrapbook with only his picture in it (and hall passes, commendation letters, notes, report cards). Basically, anything he had written for me.
(You were a serious stalker Vashti. lol. But it's very cute.) :)

An interesting incident about your childhood?
I used to draw comic books, which I sold for 25 cents to my classmates. I was doing well with that until I got busted by my teacher who told me not to do it anymore.
(Have you always been this smart? Eh?) ;)

Martial arts or cooking?
I love mix martial arts. I am a big fan of the UFC. I love cooking too and I enjoy trying new recipes. I made all the hors d' oeuvres and desserts for the pre-release party for my novel 'The Basement'.
(Next time, do parcel some of that delicious dessert to me.) 

What would you like to learn?
To perfect my writing skills. I would also love to learn to drive a boat, speak French and sign language.

Three friends in the S-A-W community that you treasure and why?
There are so many that I really cherish, so it's difficult to choose only three-but I have to mention Jennifer Kirk, Alana Munro, Dayne Forde, Rebekkah Ford, Yolanda Regueira Marin, Caleb Lacy, A long, and Peter Licari for their help, unwavering support, and for always inspiring me to improve myself.

Given a chance to be a fictional character what would you be?
Pandora (Vampire) from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles.
(Then I can take your help in smashing heavy objects like cars, right?) :D

Do you think people who take up Science have an edge over those who don't?
Why would they?

What's your Zodiac? Zodiac influences personality. How true does that sound to you?
Leo.The only things that influence my personality are the traits I was born with and the experiences I have been through.
(Well said!) :)

Believe in Karma and Destiny?

A trait in people that really turns you off?
Hypocrisy, selfishness and envy.

How do you spend your free time?
Writing, reading, networking, playing with my dogs and with my family and friends.

Phoenix, Dragon, Unicorn. What would you pet?
Definitely a Dragon. (GRIN)

If there was a 'time machine', what would you like to change about the past?
Stop Eve from eating that apple. With no original sin, there would be no Hitler, no world wars, no Bubonic plague, no genocide, no crusades etc.

Your question for me?
When do you think it's appropriate for writers to refer to themselves as authors?
(Speaking for myself. That would be when I get a prestigious prize in literature or if a person were to come up to me and say; Your book changed my life. I think then only I would consider myself an author in true sense.) :)

Question for the readers?
When choosing a book, how much are you influenced by the cover art and title?
(For me, if it's a debut novel, I would go for a book that's eye-catching (both the cover photo and the title). Also, the gist needs to be inviting.)

Thankyou Vashti. It was so much fun interviewing you. Never felt like an interview but more of a heart-to-heart talk. I hope you enjoyed as much as I did if not more. I'll look forward to work with you in future as well. I wish you all the luck in life. Thankyou for being such a dear friend. :) Cheers!

This is the gorgeous lady in the picture below. (I love her hair style) :) Do check out her blog! It makes for a fantastic read. You will not be disappointed. (Honestly) And you can thank me later. :D


  1. Stamping out original sin would also mean no Vashti. Since most titles are retreads, I would be drawn to a cover of the book. But, the little blurb would be more important overall. Important safety tip: when in the company of Vashti be cautious of cameras. ;)

    1. Glendon: The last line. Hilarious! Haha! :D

    2. I don't know how to take the first line Glendon. Haha! Urvashi is right, the last line is hilarious. I think I've grown out of that. I was such a stalker! I ran into him years later and I was so embarassed because it was the first thing he mentioned. Haha!

  2. Love the questions Urvashi, and I love the answers Vashti :-)

    1. Thanks much Justin! :) I appreciate your support. More than the questions, it is the answers that I love! :P

    2. Thank you Justin! Your name was meant to be in the list of friends I cherish from S-A-W. I knew I would forget some names. I've kicked myself several times already. I'm sorry, you know I love you. xx

  3. Urvashi, your questions were so much fun to answer. You made this process interesting. It can get pretty boring when asked the same questions over and over again. Thank you for making this amusing and painless, and for saying all the sweet and cool things about me. You're really good at this! <3

    1. My God Vashti! You cannot give me all the credit! The questions can sound so very monotonous if the answers aren't interesting. And C'mon it wasn't so hard saying nice things about a nice person! And well, did you notice, our names are often combined, Urvashti! :D Bear hug to you. <3

  4. Great interview ladies! Thanks for the shout-out Vashti! Urvashi, you seem like you have great fun while doing these interviews! Keep up the good work Vashti and Urvashi!!

    1. Urvashi does make it fun, doesn't she? Thank you!

    2. Thankyou so much A Long! Yes, I do enjoy myself in doing such interviews and I hope you enjoyed it too. :)

  5. Well done interview and fun to read! Vashti is such a beautiful lady, inside and out. Not to mention talented. But I just did. ;)

    1. Thank you so much Doreen! <3

    2. Thanks Doreen for taking out some time for reading the blog! :)

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  7. You're developing a great style of interview, Urvashsi. Love your questions, and Vashti, love the answers - it's always interesting to learn more about other writers.

    PS The font confused me as first and wasn't sure whether your nickname for Vashti was the mall or the wall! But as you talk about support - I figure it must be the wall, although malls can offer a great deal of comfort too!

    1. Teagan that's hilarious! Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. You just reminded me that I haven't said anything to Urvashi about my nickname "The Wall". I love it (as long as it's a sturdy stone wall, no flimsy drywall). Haha! I suppose that's like being called an "oak" like we say in the U.S. Thank you Urvashi. :D

    2. Thankyou for the compliment Teagan! :) I think it's the influence of all the positive people in the S-A-W team that motivates me to do my best. Sorry that the font troubled you, the nickname is 'WALL'. (You guessed correctly!) Cheers! :)

    3. Wow! I am glad you liked it (the nickname) Vashti! :) Needless to say, it is a sturdy stone on which you lean onto support anytime! :D <3

  8. Another great interview, girls. Sorry....I've not been around much for a while. Been reading your interviews, Urvashti, though not always managed to comment. I agree with Teagan, you are developing a nice style of interview.

    1. Thankyou much Christine! I understand that you must be busy. But thankyou for your kind words. I follow your blog and I think it's great! :) *thumbs up*

  9. Great interview girls! Lots of fun to read. :) I thought you were a leo Vashti! Knew it! Two of my kids are little Leo's. Gorgeous lions! x

    1. Hi Alana! Thank you very much. I saw the comment about your two little lion cubs' birthdays. That's great! xx

  10. Thanks Alana! :) Sorry that I haven't been around much. Crazy busy! *hugs* I miss you all! :)


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